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the recording studio (2007)
we are currently in the studio working to get our album done as of right now. all music is done by jason and todd as of now. we will add new songs as they are done so check back often to hear our progress.

these tracks will consist of todd ricky and jason. this is what we have so far.

inside my head
drowning in a teaspoon
the one you blame

live at fire (battle of the bands 2007)
our 2007 lineup for the battle of the bands was ren, todd, ricky, jason and michael on bass. it was a great turnout wesold harshwords t-shirts and had a lot of crazy fans out there to see us. this is just basically a recording from this event.

the toll
hope i get out soon
the one you blame

olympic records (2006)
in 2006, when the band consisted of todd, mike, ricky, issac and trey. we met a guy named misha hercules. we went over to his studio [which is olympic records] and recorded a four song demo.

drowning in a teaspoon
i can't be

acoustic sessions
not only did we rock out on stage with loud distorted guitars, we also played acoustic open-mic shows on thursdays at fenian's pub and 2 o'clock bayou. we decided that we really wanted to have our acoustic set recorded acoustically so we did it ourselves in todd's garage in clinton, ms. not bad for a do-it-yourself recording.

we stay the same
here and now
what is this
drowning in a teaspoon
inside my head

rare recordings

taken from one of the very first harshwords sessions. we were havin some fun and playing, brainstorming.

this morning
a song todd and ricky wrote together and decided to try to bring it to life with a full band. it consists of todd ricky and jason.

after a while of jamming with jason we decided to part ways while todd and ricky continued to write music. this song was taken from that era.

where i need to be (acoustic)
this was the first attempt at recording this song.

in truth
not long after trey suttle, former drummer of klinkhammer, joined on bass and then moved up to drums. heres the first ever jam session with trey on drums, enjoy.

running away
todd and ricky accidentilly wrote this song and this is the first attempt at bringing it to life.

reaching for my inside
this was recorded in harshwords second room in don's, which was located at the bottom part. it was todd, trey and jay.

this was also recorded in harshwords second room in don's.

acoustic jam
this was recorded in alision's house in jackson. she was playing bass for us at the time. we were just messing around and ended up making a really emo sound. =)

the rapture
this was recorded in todd's garage with rick, todd, trey on bongos and mike and alision on bass.

i heared those words before
a really cool song todd and rick wrote, short and sweet.

the toll
the latest song todd and ricky wrote. consists of todd, ricky, jason, ren on guitar and michael on bass.

2007 jam clip
this was recorded in 2007 with todd, ricky, jason and eli on guitar.

the beginning

in a room
recorded in pearl in todd's room. guitar and bass done by todd, vocals by ricky.

recorded at todd's house in clinton. todd and ricky were really cracked out when they did this. todd on acoustic and backing, vocals by ricky. enjoy!

untitled 1
recorded in clinton at todd's house. we were just fucking around and ricky decided he didn't like it but todd thought it was awesome.

untitled 2
recorded in pearl. this song was one of the first songs that todd and ricky wrote together. hopefully we will make this a song eventually cause it had potental to rock.

untitled 3
dying from boredom, todd and ricky decided to rock out and this is what became of it.

the "real" infamous first song that todd and ricky ever wrote so enjoy!